Apotheker Search & Advisory implements a client as a partner approach towards executive recruitment. The process begins with an in-person meeting in order to build a successful relationship.

Due to an agile infrastructure, Apotheker is able to gauge client needs on-location in order to ensure a deep understanding of the objectives and requirements for the role, individual teams, organization, or board of directors.

Throughout the partnership, Apotheker ensures seamless and proactive communication to ensure client success. Combined with a strategic passive and active candidate identification approach, Apotheker is able to deliver candidates that are extremely unique and difficult to find in a simplistic, swift manner.

As the executive recruitment process comes to a close, Apotheker will conclude by assisting clients beyond the stage of final candidate selection by supporting the negotiation and onboarding steps.

  • Access to Highly Unique and Difficult to Find Candidates
  • Passive Candidate Network of Over 80,000+ Life Sciences Individuals
  • 75% Faster Placement Process
  • Established Recruitment Methodology
  • Close, Personal Process Management
  • Seamless Communication & Follow-Up
  • Growing Passive & Active Candidate Network
  • Exclusive, Invitation Only Industry Networking Events